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A Whole Different Ride

For my first novel, I wanted to tell a gritty, black & white story about growing up in the bush in Alaska and mushing sled dogs through all of the wild places of the Last Frontier–an eerie echo of mine and my older brother Laird’s life as young boys growing up on the Yentna River […]

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How Many Parts in The Book of Ten?

Just a quick update on my “Book of Ten project”. I fully intend for the overall story to become a published novel once completed next spring, but while I’m in the construction phase, I plan to release the story in “thirds” as individual ebooks. The first of the releases should come around Sept. 15th of […]

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Story Art

I have no plans to include any chapter art in my current writing project The Book of Ten (this link takes you to an excerpt from the story), but if I end up changing my mind, I certainly know who will be the artist I’ll run to for help–here are a few examples of Harmony’s […]

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