Ode to the Working Dog ~ H. Barron

Hi All: I thought it might be fun to retrieve a few of our better blog posts from years past–this one was written a while back by my lovely life partner Harmony Barron 🙂


By Harmony

I have forever been enamored with the working dog, as so many of us are. When I was a child, my two big dreams were to either become a dog musher in Alaska, or to run a border collie infested sheep ranch deep in the rolling hills of Ireland; some how, as I got a bit older, the dog musher seemed a more attainable goal. Shortly after high school, I bought a one-way ticket to Alaska, and threw myself at the mercy of the first Iditarod kennel I came upon… Since then, I have had the honor of sharing some wonderful adventures with a multitude of heroic sled dogs. It is during those long pre-dawn hours toward the end of a cold, grueling race, when you realize that it’s all up to that one special lead dog or two; the connection that you share with them, that will get you and the rest of the team back into civilization; the finish line. It’s that connection that working dogs all over the world share with their people, that I admire so greatly. It’s not just about love, in many cases it’s about survival. So many families still today, depend on their dogs to put food on the table.

Now, living on our little Montana ranch, with a growing family and changing careers, we have but a small handful of dogs, but they still seem to rule our lives in so many ways. I am working on a children’s book honoring the working dog. It is about a pup born into a pet home, who searches the globe for his true identity, and eventually finds his country of origin, and the job he was bred to do. Awwww, I love happy endings. On that note, I’ll leave you all with a few photos of some wonderful working dogs I have had the pleasure of knowing. Only a few are really working, the rest are playing!

Oh, and now my dream is to ‘retire’ on that Irish sheep ranch…

Classic & Grendel, both Alaskan Huskies.

Vlad the Karelian Bear Dog.

Attila the German Shepherd Dog.

Kanook the Newfoundland.

Thanks for stopping by folks, more from Jason tomorrow.


8 Responses to “Ode to the Working Dog ~ H. Barron”

  1. Harm:
    I can hardly wait to read the blogs each day that you and Jason post. It is truly heartwarming to read how two people have worked to make their dreams come true even if those dreams change. Once again, great pictures.

    • Wow, what a wonderful compliment! Thank you so much Margie, it’s really nice to know folks like you are enjoying the thoughts and tidbits we offer to the world.

  2. Marlene Phillips-Daniels Reply March 30, 2011 at 10:44

    Really great pictures, Harmony. The color is phenominal. Do you still have your bear dog? I remember reading about them when you first getting them. I’m very familiar with the Lincoln/Helmville area and thought, at the time, that it was a good thing for you to get in to. A Newfie? WOW, yours? I had several for years and I miss them so !!! Really loved my Captn Nemo.
    Thanks so much for the posts !! Am anxious to see your finished children’s book.

    • Thanks Marlene! Yes, Vlad the Karelian is a wonderful family member…and we haven’t had a bear problem since! The newfie is my mom’s dog, he is quite the character for sure. Great dogs. I have the children’s book written, and I am now working on the paintings…but things keep coming up!! Life! Thanks again.

  3. Harmomy, you are so talented in so many ways. I love your works of Arts in all the fields you dislay. I too, love working with the dogs. Loved mushing and now love working with my red heeler, Chloe, in Agilty, she just loves it so much. And I am also working with an extremely abused, fear-based Alaskan Husky who was extremely beaten the first year of her life and now needs tender care to bring her back to a happier place in life. Chloe, of course, plays a BIG rule in this rehabilation. Love for all Creatures Big and Small…

    • Thank you so much Linda, it’s good to see you, (so to speak!) It sounds like you’re doing a great job with the poor husky, and Chloe sounds darling. I totally agree, love for all creatures wise and wonderful!

  4. As much as I enjoy your blogging, almost as good are the responses. I love reading how you touch your audience with the glimpses you share. Bask away Sweetie — you and Jason are both doing a great job — Thanks for sharing!

    • Awwww, thank you Vonnie! And yes, I am deeply touched by the responses I have gotten, including yours! We’re about do for a spring get together, eh? Talk to you soon.

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