A Cloud of Dust (& Snow Particles)

Sadly, I was called in to work today and have only just managed to get back to my computer to check in on the race (it’s about 8:00 pm Mountain Time as I write this piece), so I don’t have much in the way of profundity to share with all of you (yet).

Here are a few quick & random observations:

Yesterday, I asked the question “Will someone break the current mold of ‘march until you drop’ and kick it old school with a 6 on-6 off schedule?” The answer, we now know, is a resounding ‘NO’. if anything, the top drivers are pushing a bit harder (as far as run/rest is concerned) than usual. On that note, I’m trying to decide whether Martin’s current strategy is easier or harder than last year’s…

My initial impression is that the current leaders are pushing far too hard to sustain their leads, and that the late game contenders are currently hanging pretty far back in the body of the race.

I’m still liking Ramey & Baker for the top spot’s…

Pete Kaiser & Jake Berkowitz are looking very strong…

Nicolas Petit seemed to be running straight to Rohn sans rest (the same as Martin last year), yet he stopped for several hours on the pass–this cannot be a good sign; I’m guessing he ran the wheels off his car, so to speak. I’ll amend that opinion if the Iditarod website updates and shows that it had him sitting in Rohn by mistake, though i don’t think that is the case. We’ll see.

I’ll be up all night checking the numbers; if I see something interesting, I’ll update this post.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow.

5 Responses to “A Cloud of Dust (& Snow Particles)”

  1. Yeah, kind of shocking about Petit blowing apart out of Kaltag. His times were fast, so I’m wondering if his leaders just gave out. Not really impressed how hard some of the guys are driving their teams.

    • Actually, I’m surprised that more of the front drivers aren’t suffering blow-outs similar to Petit’s (and yes, I’m fairly certain his leaders said “eff you” and dove into a snow bank…can’t say I blame them, really). This whole philosophy of running nine days without properly resting your dogs runs contrary to every fiber of my mind & body.

  2. Hello Jason my name is Don Ashley. I live in Willow Alaska. I own your mom and dads old Yentna river property!! And I’m trying to get in contact with them!! I’m trying to switch names on the property and I just want to notify them!! But have no phone number email address or anything!! Is there anyway you can sit me up in contact with them please!!? Don 907 355 7633 thank you muchly appreciated..

  3. Hi Jason–remember me–vet from the trail several years ago–just checking to see how you and your fam are doing.

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