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Injury on the Trail of the Great Race

I grew up with my brothers on the Yentna River knowing little else then a rough, subsistence lifestyle, and mushing sled dogs– both for competition as well as transportation. It’s fair enough to say that I have a deep connection with the land, its people, and its primary recreation/sport that nears  the level of obsession. […]

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Thank you, Harmony!

I’m back from my three-day school tour! It was a total blast–I met hundreds of wonderful kids (from 5 different schools) and their teachers, from grades K-12, and talked to them about everything from mushing sled dogs in professional races such as the Iditarod & Race to the Sky, to mine and my brothers’ “subsistence” […]

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Notes on the Ballad

It was late in the year 1985, or perhaps very early in ‘86. My big brother Laird and I were putting some training miles on our Junior Iditarod teams; this was back in the days when we still lived out on the Big Bend of the Yentna River in Alaska. I’m sure that the two […]

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