A Cloud of Dust (& Snow Particles)

Sadly, I was called in to work today and have only just managed to get back to my computer to check in on the race (it’s about 8:00 pm Mountain Time as I write this piece), so I don’t have much in the way of profundity to share with all of you (yet). Here are […]

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2014 Iditarod Restart

So the drivers are off! It’s Sunday afternoon (3:00 pm MT) as I write this mini update–nothing has happened yet that I can latch on to, and won’t until a bit later tonight when we’ll be able to see how fast drivers make the run to Skwentna, and perhaps more importantly, how much/little rest they […]

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2014 Iditarod

Hi all! I”m going to be keeping a close eye on the 2014 Iditarod this year, and I’m prepared to offer my “Very Extremely Preliminary Top Ten Contenders List” on this eve before battle. There is no way this makes any sense, picking winners & losers in a race this big before it even starts, but […]

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Still Plugging Away (at the typewriter!)

Anybody who’s read my blog or followed my career knows that I love to write. When I wrote Ballad of the Northland, it was an “in-between” time for me and my family: Harm & I had just closed the doors on our kennel and had not yet decided which direction we were going to go […]

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Ode to the Working Dog ~ H. Barron

Hi All: I thought it might be fun to retrieve a few of our better blog posts from years past–this one was written a while back by my lovely life partner Harmony Barron🙂 *** By Harmony I have forever been enamored with the working dog, as so many of us are. When I was a […]

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