How Many Parts in The Book of Ten?

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Just a quick update on my “Book of Ten project”. I fully intend for the overall story to become a published novel once completed next spring, but while I’m in the construction phase, I plan to release the story in “thirds” as individual ebooks. The first of the releases should come around Sept. 15th of this year and weigh in at 35,000 words or so–my novel Ballad of the Northland totaled 88,000–with the finished project amassing between 100,000–120,000. Each of the ebook releases will constitute a novelette & be priced under the $2.00 mark.

Speaking of Ballad of the Northland, the novel will be released as an ebook very soon, plus there is another development brewing with it that I’ll be sharing in a post in the near future–but I can safely say right now that everyone will approve of.

Also, Harm & I are now officially working on a big (80,000 words or so) book of our joint dog mushing experiences, due for completion around Iditarod time…and yes, Harm will be doing LOTS of art for it…

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

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One Response to “How Many Parts in The Book of Ten?”

  1. Oh my goodness you two, I am so glad about the joint book of your mushing experiences with Harmony’s art. At times I have wanted to re-read posts on this blog but to have it all in one spot will be fantastic. I can’t wait for that! With all the eBooks I might have to break down and get a reader other than my phone. It’s just too small. I am several discs into the audio version of Ballad and really enjoy listening to your reading Jason. It gives a different feel to the book in a very good way. I always enjoy the audio versions more when they are read by the author. Their voice inflections hint at the intent behind the chosen words. Knowing how hard you worked on this version, the quality is excellent.

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