I will always remember

My Dad is a veteran of the Vietnam war. As a young man, not yet finished with highschool, he left his home and crying mother and volunteered to serve his country in the Marine Corps–he was trained as Infantry, and later took classes for long-range shooting. He served two tours in-country during some of the worst of the action (he was stationed in Hue when it fell) and came awfully close to going career. Mom & babies changed that plan.

He served his country with honor and distinction, and I will always look at his record of selfless duty, courage, and bravery in the face of the worst kind of adversity with the utmost respect and solemn appreciation. Indeed, I hold all of our American men and women of the shield and sword, and their families who keep the long vigil during the darkest hours of night, in the highest esteem.

It is through the sacrifice of their blood, sweat and tears that the rest of us continue to enjoy the many freedoms afforded to an American citizen.

Thank you, and bless you all. I will never forget your service, or your sacrifice.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….


6 Responses to “I will always remember”

  1. Marlene Phillips-Daniels Reply May 30, 2011 at 14:31

    Great tribute to all who serve and have served.

  2. Please thank your father for me, for his service. My heart holds so much gratitude for people who are willing to serve so that I can raise my family in peace.. His service is appreciated. And thank you for recognizing it/him publicly.

  3. Tish Cockerham Reply May 31, 2011 at 21:00

    Beautiful Tribute Jason. God Bless our Soldiers..

  4. My Dad was a WWII vet serving in the Aleutian Islands for a year. He was a man ahead of his time taking me hunting and fishing with him; encouraging me to be all I could be.

    I can remember groups of girls crowded around the radio in college listening for draft numbers during the Vietnam War. I remember writing letters ever day to my boyfriend who enlisted right out of high school.

    I am so thankful for all our men and women in the military; people like your Dad. Thanks for this post, Jason.

    • Sounds like an interesting story there, about your dad–very interesting choice of words “he was a man ahead of his time.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Margie 🙂

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