The Irish Setter ~ Harmony Barron

I find it a little sad to see so many of our working and sporting breeds developing physical and mental problems- both from back-yard breeding, where one or both of the parents had an undesirable trait, and should have been spayed or neutered- much less bred, and from the AKC standard striving for the right look, rather then for temperament, durability and athleticism. It’s amazing to see the differences in the quality of dog between some of the show lines verses some of the working lines. The Border Collie, the Labrador and the three setters are some of the dramatic examples that leap to my mind. It seems that the ever changing show standard for the Border Collie and Lab, has been developing a more square and stocky dog, (as with a lot of the other breeds) where the Setter lines are becoming taller with narrowing skulls.

I have always loved the Irish Setter, and I wanted to represent an older pedigree in my line of ‘Dog Breed Greeting Cards’. This is a dog I photographed in Ireland back when I was only ten years old. My family stayed there for a month, in a little cottage on a sheep ranch, and my little funky camera was my best friend! I was so happy to come across this photo of such a beautiful example of the breed… you can visit my website at and see all of the breeds I have created so far.

Thanks for stopping by folks, and I hope everybody is having a wonderful Memorial Day week-end– rain or shine.


4 Responses to “The Irish Setter ~ Harmony Barron”

  1. Harmony,
    Even at ten your eye for beauty was already present. This portrait is so lovely. I just want to reach out and stroke the nose, head and back of this stunning dog.
    Thunderstorms coming in now. Hope your weekend is fantastic.

    • Harmony Barron Reply May 30, 2011 at 11:02

      Thank you so much Margie ~ It’s snowing here in the mountains, but we are having a nice inside day where it’s warm and cozy! Hope you and yours are enjoying the day as well.

  2. Tish Cockerham Reply May 29, 2011 at 22:12

    Beautifully done. I so admire your talent and I believe little Oksana is going to be quite the artist as well. Hope tomorrow will be Bar B Q weather. Today certainly was not. Mixed rain & snow all day and I am sure you had the same. Have a wonderful weekend. Lots of love

    • Harmony Barron Reply May 30, 2011 at 11:10

      Thank you Tish! I agree with you about Oksana ~ her artwork improves on a daily basis, and most importantly, she loves doing it. Little Jules is showing the same fondness toward drawing as well, I’m so excited!

      More snow today… and the ten day forecast looks a little cold and wet as well. Guess we’ll have to roast marshmallows on the range! Love to you and Tommy.

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