Thank you, Harmony!

I’m back from my three-day school tour! It was a total blast–I met hundreds of wonderful kids (from 5 different schools) and their teachers, from grades K-12, and talked to them about everything from mushing sled dogs in professional races such as the Iditarod & Race to the Sky, to mine and my brothers’ “subsistence” upbringing on the Yentna River in AK back in the late 70’s–80’s, to the act of self publishing a book, and the creative writing process in general.

These kids were a very welcoming, attentive audience–all very well read for their respective grade levels, and all possessed of a deep hunger for new knowledge. My presentation deals with the themes of perseverance, leadership, overcoming any and all obstacles, and basically turning one’s self into an unstoppable force, and it is my greatest wish that these kids take these lessons to heart and apply them to their own lives & dreams.

I see that Harm has received a very warm welcome for the posts which she has contributed over the last few day while minding the blog for me–thank you, honey!!!–and I think there is a very good chance we can convince her to be a steady contributor here! I hope so–her posts have their own unique voice, and I love the artistic perspective & energy she brings to the table.

I’m working on another post for later today–this one deals with some musher-y equipment thoughts of mine–so be sure to check back this evening for some new reading material!

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

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2 Responses to “Thank you, Harmony!”

  1. After having spent nearly all my adult life working with children in education I can appreciate all the fun you had with your visits. Knowing you from your posts I am sure that you left a lasting positive impression. I just got your book in the mail yesterday. I haven’t even removed the brown wrapper yet. I am saving it for spring break which starts tomorrow. Write on!

  2. Marlene Phillips-Daniels Reply March 31, 2011 at 12:57

    Keep reaching out to those kids, Jason. There are so many of them out there that really are not familiar with any of the points you brought to them. Sitting and waiting for life to happen is the only thing that some of them know–it’s their background. Hope you can continue to get them excited and encouraged to learn.

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