New Heading # 3

Keeping up with part three of my “So what the hell happened to Jason Barron and his family???” thread…


As the construction season came to a close that fall  of 2011 (at least for us at the time: now, our construction “season” lasts 12 months of the year), we were looking at various options to finance our fledgling construction company for the following spring and trying to decide what we were going to do in the intervening months.

I was offered a job training Dr. Mark Ibsen’s 2012 Race to the Sky team, a job that seemed a perfect fit for our family’s needs: cart training to begin mid September and last through February (the race itself was scheduled for the middle of that month), working with a bunch of our “old” sled dogs in a capacity that I was quite familiar with, and pay good enough to keep the wolves at bay, at least at the edge of our torch lit circle as it were.

Part of the deal with Dr. Ibsen was for rent; Harm & the Littles had been living at our ranch in Lincoln all of the previous summer, about a 1:15:00 one way drive from Helena in the summer months, while I had been working in town since early April and only coming home on the weekends, and now they moved into Helena to be with me full time. It had been a very long summer for all of us; being away from my little family had just about killed me, and it had had been no better for them…plus, the fact that Harm had been pregnant and just recently given birth to our third Little in mid August had given us a lot of motivation to change our living situation.

So, in the middle of September, we boxed everything up, boarded the doors & windows of our Lincoln home, and moved into Helena and started training Mark’s dog team.

This was a HUGE change for us: even a micro-city such as Helena (population about 30,000, maybe another 20,000 in outlying areas) constituted population overload for the Barron’s. I had lived a bush lifestyle for almost my entire life, only going into populated areas for work related stuff and supplies, and Harm wasn’t much different, hers being a very bush upbringing, too: at our Lincoln home, we could easily go months without visitors during the winter, and all two of our neighbors moved back to warmer climes as soon as the mountains started cooling off.

But, aside from a bit of culture shock, it was very good for us. We were all together again and starting a whole new adventure as a family. As a team.


Okay, so I promised some dog mushing for this post and I never got around to it: apologies! This writing of one’s “memoirs” is tough work! When I come back with part four of this thread I’ll delve into some of the particulars of training Dr. Ibsen’s team for the RTTS and how we spent the winter of 2011/2012.


Thanks for reading–more to follow


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