Look At Them Go!

I’m late to the Iditarod writing party, but that’s better then never showing up for the party at all, right???

My first impressions of the 2012 Iditarod:

It looks like Aily Zirkle is driving a much better team this year then in seasons past, and she’s always had a strong team, so that’s saying quite a lot–I think what she’s doing is for real, not just the bit of fluff that the story/opinion from earlier today (on the Iditarod’s official website) made her out to be. Her husband & kennel partner Alan Moore just got second place in the Yukon Quest, less than a minute behind the victor, which implies that they have some serious staying power for the miles ahead. In a side by side comparison to Baker, her rest schedule is the more efficient of the two, in my opinion.

John Baker–Baker looks awesome, but I think he’s doing the same as Aily, Lance, Hugh and the rest in that top group: going like bloody hell and hoping that things work out in the long run. Again citing the (official Iditarod) story, I feel obliged to point out that Baker arrived in Nikolai only a few minutes behind Zirkle, so, obviously, not just taking it easy and idling along at a “moderate pace.”

Lance Mackey & Hugh Neff: I doubt very seriously that they have an official partnership, but it must be said that those “unofficial” traveling compacts can often result in some powerful performances. They’re both positioned very well, mathematically speaking, though I think traveling together will work out to be more advantageous for Neff than it will for Mackey. As usual, great “positioning” at this point of the Iditarod means almost nothing if a team has run its wheels off to get said positioning, and only time will tell us fans who’s really strong and who’s not.

Speaking of positioning,I find Dallas Seavey’s very, very, interesting.

Ray Redington Jr…I’m getting a funny feeling that Ray’s gearing up for something pretty special in the days ahead.

Okay, that’s all I have for now, but I plan to get more involved as of tonight. I’ll be very curious to see how many drivers blitz to Takotna for their 24’s, versus those who go on to Cripple for their mandatory (I’m betting Baker is going that far before shutting down).

More later.




9 Responses to “Look At Them Go!”

  1. Enjoy your insights. Some of those folks with low start numbers are going to jump ahead of the leaders.

  2. Jason,
    So glad you’re back!
    Got a question about Tom Thurstons Rohn to Nikolai run – 7hrs 43mins!
    Is that for real or a qlich in the recording?
    That is a tough stretch, correct?

  3. Yahoo! Jason…have been missing you this year. Working on my Scoop.it magazine for Ballad and this post popped up. Amazing race so far…could not believe that the two Busers went right on through Takonta.
    Saw that Dr. Isben did very well in his race. Thanks for your insights; always of value.

    • Hi Margie! This is going to a fun one to watch–right now, my money is on Dallas for the win.

      Yes, Mark had a very good race–good enough that he wants to stay involved with mine & Harm’s program.

  4. I love this time of year. More than who wins, or doesn’t, although I love making my bets as well as anyone, I love the stories that come out of the race – the strategies, the sad defeats, the happy successes, the interesting characters who emerge. For example, already this year, the resuscitation of Marshall, one of Scott Jannsen’s dogs… and the traveling twins, all KINDS of good stuff, this race is! Looking forward to more of your thoughts on it as they inch toward Nome!

  5. Hi Jason. I was a volunteer for the vet checks back in 2004. Joe Garnie and Mike Williams made such an impression on me. I see the legacy of Mike Williams but I can’t seem to find anything on Joe Garnie. I see that he was an influence for you and I wonder if you know how he is. I’m so happy to hear that you are doing well. I’m going to check out your book!


  6. Come on Jason—we (I) could use your insight….This is an interesting race….how did the groups end up like this, they are in such an odd order……..what happened here to make for this? if anything iIS odd in your opinion… Missing your updates this year buddy!

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