Hunting Really Big Game

Due to some serious life changes (work related & recent family size expansion, for the most part) I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon; though I doubt that I’ll ever go back to blogging on a daily basis, with the possible exception of the dog mushing race season, I’m back to “steady” writing. This includes frequent entries to this blog, plus some serious work on my forthcoming novel ‘The Book of Ten”. The following teaser passage is a look at one of my notes for the story…


Not long after the Pleistocene Rewilding Project is funded by a consortium of anonymous billionaires, the world suffers economic & ecological catastrophe; mankind fails.

Hundreds of years later, after the animals re-introduced by the Rewilding Project run amok and proliferate in their new habitat, mankind crawls back out of the ashes.

Unfortunately for the fauna, this speculative future comes with an analogue to the buffalo hunters of the mid-1800s & early 1900s–evil, ignorant hillbillies that use .50 caliber anti-aircraft guns to decimate whole herds of mastodon.

Author’s notes from the forthcoming Book of Ten

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

Images courtesy of eme421 & timemoneyandblood

3 Responses to “Hunting Really Big Game”

  1. this is my first visit2 ur blog. absolutely LUV Ballad of the Northland!!! Really painful2 read….

  2. My daughter gave me a copy of Ballad which I started reading last night. Looking forward to finishing it. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  3. Hunting Really Big Game is awesome, I loved the story and pics too. I hunt for deer. I always wanted to hunt big game, sounds fun.

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