Alice Creek Ranch

Jason is working in Helena all week, spending long days up on roof-tops, and running dogs on his non-roofing days. And I have finally started to pack…we have been here over eleven years now, and I have been having a tough time figuring out just where to start. I am going to miss our mountain home, and the thirty-two hundred acre ranch behind our property that we fondly call our ‘back forty’. We have trained a good many dog-teams on those trails. In the old days, when August mornings were still hot, and Jason and I were full of more energy then we knew what to do with, we’d saddle up a twenty-dog team, and head out in the early morning darkness. We’d go careening down the hill to the pond, crashing over roots in a cloud of dust with Jason’s little headlight beam stopping at the wheel dogs. And later, when a fine layer of snow covered the hills, we’d do the same thing on a sheet of ice…awww, those were the days! And during those days, I rode my Arab mare Piper on every square foot a hundred times over, rounding up cattle, heading to work, or just enjoying our back country wildlife retreat. Our family has covered the ground extensively on foot as well. Taking our kids and dogs on nature walks down to the pond has been a highlight for all of us. Throughout the years, we have had the pleasure of sighting every bit of wildlife indigenous to Western Montana back in those hills; from black bears & grizzly’s, to herds of elk and sandhill cranes. Wolves, coyote, fox, mule and white tail deer–the list goes on and on. We will dearly miss the Alice Creek Ranch… Here are a few photos from a walk last summer ~ Hope you all enjoy.


3 Responses to “Alice Creek Ranch”

  1. So I take it your future destination is unknown? Wish we could have said hello when we went through Helena last year but didn’t get an address from Jason.

    • Known, but not public 😉 Sorry about last year, Dan–give me another chance this year, or the next time you come through; just send me a private email and let me know your schedule!

  2. I just fired up my computer for the first time in a long time and found this post. It is bitter sweet isn’t it Harm. A good move forward but so many sweet memories. I will forever view them as some of my favorite. I will always miss having You all next door. Lots of love to you

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