After the bar shooting incident…

From The Book of Ten–Act I: A Company of Wolves (very rough draft).

…I swam up through a fog of pain and sleep and saw bent over my bed a man with an oiled black pompadour and sweat running down his face. He wore little wire rimmed spectacles and one of the lenses was dotted with a fine spray of blood. He did something to my stomach that sent a shock to the furthest reaches of my limbs and made my entire body convulse. He shouted some nonsense about holding me down and did that thing again and I went into the black deeps once more. I awoke an indeterminate time later and saw him sitting slumped on a chair with his chin on his chest and his hair hanging down over his face. His hands were caked in dried gore up to the wrists and he loosely clutched a half-empty bottle of whiskey by the neck. On a small table next to my bed was a burned down candle and a metal tray with an assortment of knifes, saws, pliers and two pieces of spent pistol shot arranged on its surface.

I reached for the whiskey and in so doing the borders of the world swam into a muddy smear and when next I awoke I was alone in the room and bright afternoon sunlight blazed through a narrow window set high in the wall opposite from where I lay…

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

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