Charting a course through the blogosphere #4

I started this blog on Dec. 20th, 2010, and have been writing at least 1 post per day (with the help of my lovely & talented wife Harmony) ever since–part of the reason for that is because I immediately enrolled in Word Press’ Postaday 2011 challenge, a challenge that has been a lot fun and very motivational, keeping me on my toes whether I wanted to be or not!

With that said, I’m not really sure that I plan on keeping up this pace beyond the new year–now that I’ve been doing this for a while, I’m beginning to think that 4-5 posts per week are more in line with my future time constraints & plans.

I want all of you who have been reading mine & Harm’s material to know how much we appreciate each and every one of you, especially those of you who’ve taken time out of your busy schedules to put your thoughts down in the form of a comment 🙂

Plans for the future of Jason Barron’s Blog:

I’m cementing my second career as a writer–I’m following up my 2010 novel Ballad of the Northland with a second novel titled The Book of Ten, with plans to co-author, with Harm, a book of dog mushing short stories (smilingly titled The Barron Manifesto) beginning this late summer. Additionally, I have another novel on the blotter for next spring (to get started) and a robust lineup of short stories & essays planned for the foreseeable future, most of them “mushing & northern lifestyle” based.

This blog will constantly feature excerpts from these projects–enter “the book of ten” into the blog search box on the homepage and you’ll be treated to a stack of entries devoted to this project, for instance–and many others.

As fall training gets ramped up and winter approaches, I’ll start sharing more and more mushing stories/photos.

When the racing season gets under way, look for “multiple entry” days–I plan to cover the major (and some of the minor) races in a big BIG way; my goal is to become the go-to writer for mushing coverage, especially when it comes to the CB300/Kuskokwim 300/Beargrease/Iditarod.

I have a robust, and kind of sick, sense of humor, so expect to see more and more entries in the Something To Make You Smile category.

The one hobby that I allow myself is playing video games; I’m an avid gamer, when I have the time–I’m going to start including entries on this topic, potentially a weekly review of sorts.

I’m a dedicated parent with extremely strong views on the subject–my entire political world viewpoint is simply a reflection of my thoughts on a parent’s duties & obligations…it seems–and I’m going to start exploring that on here–subjects like “Why do we still practice the barbaric tribal ritual of male circumcision in this country?” and “How dare you suggest there is anything “wrong” with a mother breast-feeding her child in a public place???”

All that and more as the mood strikes me 🙂

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

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8 Responses to “Charting a course through the blogosphere #4”

  1. Good post, Jason.

    I am moving away from and more to a self-hosted blog, myself. It allows for more flexibility including the ability for plug-ins and the like.

    While WordPress has been great this past year it seems to have its limitations. And like you said, once the mushing season ramps up its time to hit the trails!


    • Thanks Robert 🙂

      Moving away? But where will you go?!? What kinds of limitations have you run into?

      You’ll be hitting the trails literally; I’ll be hitting them operating my laptop!


      • Jason,

        I am moving away from to a self hosted blog. I have been tinkering with it for a little while now and have found that has a few limitations. One key one is the ability to use plug-ins for things like adding my own video vs. Youtube and podcasts other than what is offered on

        The biggest limitation is the SEO incapabilities of

        I know I am taking a bit of a gamble as I have built up a pretty good subscriber base on but I think that with proper planning it will work well in the long run.


      • That’s pretty fascinating–sounds like you have a pretty firm idea of what you want to put into your blog. If (when) you move, make sure I know how to find you 🙂 How’s the “postaday” thing coming along?


  2. Okay, okay–maybe less of the graphics on male kebobing would be nice. Will your coverage of the dog races be posted here? And please ‘splain training “ramping up”, I thought you were retired?

    • Lol! Pretty disturbing graphic, no? I’m mostly out of the biz as far as racing is concerned, but I’m helping a friend get his team ready for the Race to the Sky this year, so I’ll be spending a bit of time on the runners behind his doggies 🙂


  3. Oh, yeah, and a follow up to the presumably rhetorical question about male circumcision–a fairly routine solution to woman with re-occurrent yeast/bladder infections is to have an uncircumcised husband go under the knife, though with the proliferation of various antibiotics and MDs willing to administer the medication, this solution is waning. The medical community’s views of the health benifits of circumcision is line with various other natural remedies.

    • Yes, quite rhetorical within the framework of this post–I just had a huge discussion about this on my FB page. Thank you for your insight/comment, Clay. That’s what makes this blogging thing fun 🙂


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