2012 Beargrease

Garnering back to back wins at the White Oak Classic, Beargrease Marathon and the UP 200, Minnesota’s Ryan Anderson was the hottest thing going in the cold cold sport of Lower-48 mushing for the 2011 season.

With the sign-up for the 2012 Beargrease just a few days away, I’d love to hear who YOU think is going to be the trend setter this year!

Ryan Anderson at the start of the 2011 Beargrease–photo courtesy of H. Barron

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6 Responses to “2012 Beargrease”

  1. Nathan Schroeder, Ryan Anderson, and Jamie Nelson are the teams to beat. How about yourself Jason… you know you want back in!

    • Lol! Where is your name on that list??? I agree that Ryan will be hot, and perhaps Jamie…but I expect to see Schroeder’s team start to decline.


      • What! Really Jason,

        Expect to see me decline, wow!

        Expect to see me decline!

        There are many words that should be spoken in my behalf! I’ll bite my tongue for now.


      • Lol! Don’t take that too harshly, Nathan 🙂 I only meant that you have had two powerhouse years in a row, and that the odds of your team keeping up the output are statistically low–of course that’s what “next year” is all about; proving the non-believers wrong. As far as biting your tongue goes…well, buddy, if you’re going to hang in the limelight, you’d best start developing a thicker skin 🙂

        Once again, I meant no offense–looking forward to watching you & the rest of the Minnesota teams race this year.


  2. If BG registration took place Saturday – where is the list of teams that signed up? Thx L

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