A Moment on the Trail – Part 2 ~ Harmony Barron

Here is another excerpt from my ’03 Copper Basin story. It directly follows the excerpt from last week, in case you missed it, here is a link ~ Part 1

And so I rode with it. Wearing my brake tines down to nothing, and hoping like mad that a race official had taken notice of our unplanned detour. Seconds passed more like hours, and finally to my relief, help intervened. The truck cruised passed us, quickly did a u-turn and parked lengthwise in the highway. A couple of folks wearing nothing shy of halos jumped out and caught my team as they piled up into the wheel-wells of their vehicle.

Once they had helped me get my team back on the trail, I ran up to my front end on knees made of rubber, and pulled that bulldozer out of lead, and replaced him with his brother Lugnut. Okay, off to the races, again. Copenhagen’s bum ACL had suffered slightly from doing ninety on the interstate, and she held back considerable. The trail was punchy and deep and the dogs were falling through in choppy motions. I did my best to keep them at a slow pace, and only kept Copey up front for I was simply running out of options.

Another road crossing… another orange fence… another group of people… and oh yes, here we go again… ignoring my desperate cries of HAW, my front end ran straight for the orange fencing instead. My fifty foot train of twelve dogs accordioned up into a massive ball, which jettisoned me into my handlebar, knocking what little wind I had left from my body, and when the team shot back out on the other side, they lurched the sled so far off the ground that our connection was severed and I flew backward and landed on my weary backside,

I scrambled to my feet as the dogs ran down some strange subdivision, where they turned up a side street, and quickly sprinted out of sight. Soaked with sweat and tears, I hobbled frantically after them waving my arms and calling their names in vain. Luckily, (yes, luck had found me!) the road they chose did a full circle, and before I knew it, there was my beloved team of dogs headed straight for me like a locomotive. Once I had caught my sled, some local kids on a snow machine took pity on me and helped get my dogs back on the trail and back on track.

Pulling into the Wolverine Lake checkpoint on the ’03 Copper Basin.

Thanks folks! Have a wonderful week end.


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