The Un-Glamorous Job (the one I’m damn proud of!)

I love to mush sled dogs–I’ve been doing it competitively since I was a little boy–but, there is no money in the sport, and it’s super expensive to fund even a small kennel. So the net result of being a professional dog musher is well, a financial negative. Still cherish those memories (just wish they hadn’t been so expensive!) though. Ultimately, when comes to being a musher, the financial picture is comparable to a being a “pro-gambler”. Hard to look your kids in the eye after a two lean years in a row.

I love to write; I would say that it’s my passion–but similar to mushing, it does not pay very well (yet!).

Here is a look at some of the equipment I use for my “real” living, the unglamorous job that pays the bills, puts food on the table, is slowly digging me out of the hole I dug spending so many years racing dogs, and builds a solid future for mine & Harm’s three children:











There is a moral here, somewhere.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

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3 Responses to “The Un-Glamorous Job (the one I’m damn proud of!)”

  1. I could see how it could be “draining”

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