Flowers in Bloom ~ H. Barron

The thing I love about summer in Western Montana is that it’s ever changing. We had snow up until Mothers Day, we couldn’t plant our gardens until mid to late June, then mid July finally arrives and it brings real, true heat along with it. But just when you think the heatwave is here to stay– the thunderclouds roll in, the wind picks up, and the kiddie pool goes cartwheeling past the window– luckily free of children! Hail followed by heavy rain grace the hills and valleys for the rest of the evening, and who knows what tomorrow will bring. Our property has never been quite this lush with rich green grass on the back side of July before, and the wild flowers are thriving. Our veggie plants are still quite small in the garden, but the flowers are in full bloom. Here are a few of my favorite perennials.

Hope you all enjoyed the colors ~ Happy Wednesday everyone!



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