Charting a course through the Blogosphere #1

My first experience with a writing a blog (as I referenced a while back in the post ‘A few of the things I love about WordPess’) was what I think of as a ‘dog mushing’ blog–all of the posts were essentially about mushing/racing/training/feeding etc.

I am a professional dog musher after all, have been for almost my entire life–why wouldn’t I write about that stuff?

Well, as a close friend who’s known me for over a decade and who just read my new novel said, “I really had no idea…”

My friend was talking about my personal history, which I drew on quite heavily for the novel in question–speaking to the fact that you can know someone, even a person who you consider a very close friend, and not really know that much about them at all. I’m no psychologist, but my guess is that to some extent we have a tendency to put people in these little ‘boxes’ shortly after getting to know them, templates that contain our main impressions of that person–and we never really get past that.

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Another example of this would be grown-up siblings from an average American family, scattered to the four winds of life, and still relating to one another in the very same patterns they formed while they all still lived at home with their parents–despite the fact that they are now in their, say, late thirties or early forties. Speaking candidly, I draw from my own experiences when referencing the ‘American family’.

Please forgive me for drifting about, seemingly aimlessly and without purpose…

The point that I’ve been creeping up on is just this: there is much more to me then my 30+ years mushing sled dogs, and I fully intend my blog be a reflection of the many and varied life experiences that have shaped my mind, heart, and soul.

Which I suppose is just a poetic way of saying that for those of you who are consistently tuning in here (and thank you so much for doing so, by the way!) , you can expect me to steadily write about a wider range of topics then I’ve ever done before.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….


3 Responses to “Charting a course through the Blogosphere #1”

  1. I’m interested to see where this blog is headed! What is your plan for blogging just wondering? I am a new blogger myself and looking to learn.

  2. It is true, that at times we place those we know into boxes–and sometimes these boxes are so well constructed that no matter what they say or do, we only hear or see what that box allows. And another tendency is when thise we know attempt to climb out of these airtight ” boxes” we quickly try to fold them into another box of our making, a box that keeps things safe and familiar. The old saying goes “we hear, but we don’t listen.”

    • Hi Clay,

      Sorry that it’s taken me so long to respond–I’ve been on the road for the last week & letting the blog run on “auto-pilot”, and I just came across your well thought out comment. Thank you so much for your perspective, and taking time to write it down for us 🙂


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