Hunting Really Big Game

Not long after the Pleistocene Rewilding Project is funded by a consortium of anonymous billionaires, the world suffers economic & ecological catastrophe; mankind fails.

Hundreds of years later, after the animals re-introduced by the Rewilding Project run amok and proliferate in their new habitat, mankind crawls back out of the ashes.

Unfortunately for the fauna, this speculative future comes with an analogue to the buffalo hunters of the mid-1800s & early 1900s–evil, ignorant hillbillies that use .50 caliber anti-aircraft guns to decimate whole herds of mastodon.

Author’s notes from the forthcoming Book of Ten

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

Images courtesy of eme421 & timemoneyandblood

2 Responses to “Hunting Really Big Game”

  1. I’m kinda’ hoping that the good guys have bigger guns or poison tipped arrows or they can fly.

  2. Lol! I’m just painting a picture of the ecology/habitat the The Book of Ten takes place in, not necessarily getting into plot points here…you’ll have your hands on a copy in the not so far off future 🙂

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