A Moment on the Trail ~ Harmony Barron

Here is an excerpt (still quite rough) from my 2003 Copper Basin 300 story, that will be part of Jason and my book of mushing stories. Hope y’all enjoy!

Race morning had arrived. Jason was running all about being the best handler one could ask for, while I was still trying to figure out just what two leaders I was going to put up front for the exciting start through downtown Glennallen. Sage (a three year old with a hideous sideways lumber, but a heart of pure gold) was my number one girl, but unfortunately, she despised having a running partner in lead, and displayed this emotion by intimidating her team mate with growls and cheap shots.

Hindsight told me I should have used her in single lead, but at the time, lengthening the line seemed way too time consuming. So, it came down to Copenhagen, who had mildly torn her ACL the year prior, and was only part of my team as a security blanket, and Oneton, a big brute who had bonded with Jason alone, and was definitely a man’s man type of a dog.

The team was quite powerful indeed, and immediately following pulling the hook, Oneton started displaying his complete lack of respect for me by jumping on Copenhagen in an attempt to consummate their new found partnership… and no, she was not in season. The sidewalks we were traveling on varied between having little snow to no snow at all– stopping or slowing was no option. We came to a ninety degree turn to the left; people standing everywhere; flimsy orange fencing between dogteam and highway; and this was the precise instant Oneton had to launch at Copey, who was on his right, and try to mount her one more time. The two of them completely ignored my frantic high-pitched plea to TURN LEFT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY!…

Next scene; me and my faithful team of dogs, going a hundred miles an hour up Highway 1; destination– Tok. We were paraleling the real trail, and I probably sounded like a raven in distress, screaming HAW HAW HAW until my throat had gone dry. I tried sobbing uncontrollably next, but quickly found that even less effective then screaming. I thought about throwing my sled over on its side, as we usually do when trying to slow an out of control dogteam, but the instant replay in my mind of stanchions snapping off like they were made of toothpicks, made me rethink that particular option.

And so I rode with it…

My spirited ’03 Copper Basin team heading into the Meier’s Lake checkpoint.

Thanks for stopping by folks, hope you all are having a lovely day…


2 Responses to “A Moment on the Trail ~ Harmony Barron”

  1. Nice story, Harm. Got a good laugh out of this one!


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