Summertime ~ Harmony Barron

Hi folks ~ Jason has been having some difficulties with the internet connection where he is staying, which means to all of you, no blogs from him 😦  But I assure you he has been writing and stock-piling them for the days to come. He should be home tomorrow, so no worries…

I have been working on an essay about my 2003 Copper Basin 300 that will be in our collaborative book of mushing stories. I will share an except some time next week. I have also been doing some preliminary sketches for Jason’s up-coming novel, The Book of Ten. Plus, several pet portrait commissions have been keeping me pretty busy as well. Jason has been hanging mass amounts of rain gutters in our capitol city, and writing in his spare time.

The kids have been happier then ever running around the yard playing out scenes from Where the Wild Things Are, while soaking up that desperately needed summer sun. They have been so happy to have their Uncle Laird staying here with us these past few months; whether he’s swinging them ‘high in the sky’ on their swing, or sharing his bologna sandwich with them, he has definitely made a big impression on his little nephew and niece.

Hope all of you are having a lovely summer as well. I’ll leave you with my Arabian Mare portrait that I just finished this morning.

Thanks for stopping by…


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