Holiday Weekend

I know most people are as far away from their computer screens as they can get–enjoying family & the long holiday weekend!–so I’ll keep this post to the bare minimum and just let everybody know what’s going on with the Barron clan.

Harm is getting awfully close to having the baby–he/she is as active as an Olympic gymnast, and mama is starting to have the body signals that tell her that the time is drawing near…

I’m taking off tomorrow morning with my good friend Dr. Mark Ibsen on a 2000+ mile cross country trek to reclaim my wayward lead dog Clumber & his son Classic, due back late late late on the 4th…

I’ve been hanging/cleaning/repairing/ rain gutters like a madman, and have a lot more of that planned for next week…

My novel The Book of Ten is really starting to take shape–in my opinion, a far superior piece of work to my first novel…

The kids, Julian & Oksana, are having a blast with summer and are looking forward to PIANO LESSONS late this summer!!!!!!…

Have a great weekend y’all & remember to BE SAFE!!!

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow…


One Response to “Holiday Weekend”

  1. Deb 'Danny' Glenn Reply July 3, 2011 at 20:26

    To a fellow musher who also appreciates the freedom we get to enjoy in America and those who paid the price for it, Happy Fourth of July. We all wait with baited breath for news of the baby. Emily is expecting twins in January (our daughter now 30; they will be her third and fourth under four years old!).

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