The Ronin Diaries #2

So the young Ronin, who was becoming increasingly obsessed with the Lady of the Palace, set about cloaking himself in a guise of social grace and respectability. So successful was he that all in the Palace swooned in his presence…except for the lady in question.

With a combination of stealth, bribes and trickery, he eventually connives his way into her private chambers…

Utterly bathed, groomed and scented with his very successful Bitter Lilac, he sat behind a screen, past a veil, within a shadow. Soon she would appear in the gentle early evening, speak of the wonders of the little day to her small son and watch him hurry off to bed. Waiting for this sight, the new samurai asked himself, “And then what?”

The question came as a jolt. It had taken such an effort getting to the screen itself that he really hadn’t given any thought to what came next. Certainly, he was repelled at the idea of throwing himself at her feet and begging for her kind regard. It wasn’t like him, she wouldn’t like it and it left the back of his neck unprotected. Then should he simply sit and reason with her? He somehow couldn’t picture that. He could tell her she was in grave danger in a plot of some kind, or ask her to intercede with some unwilling virgin or, if everything else failed, simply burst into one of her favorite songs….

–from The Ronin by William Dale Jennings

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow.


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