Verses of the ‘Ballad’ #1

I received a message last night from the mother of a 11-year-old boy who was tasked with a piece of creative writing; this young man was very interested in reading and writing (his mother read him the story I posted a few day ago titled ‘When I was a kid…’ and he just loved it), but was finding himself very frustrated with the project, the act of properly stringing his words together to bring to life the pictures & stories taking place in his head.

To be completely fair, this frustration is one that is shared by many would-be writers, it certainly isn’t just youngsters first coming into their powers–the blank screen of doom on ye old word processor is not only frustrating for many of us, it’s downright scary at times!

This series of posts, ‘Verses of the ‘Ballad’, will be completely devoted to discussing the creative process of writing both fiction & non-fiction–the difficult act of bringing to life the world inside your mind, heart, and soul and putting it onto paper for all of the world to witness.

I plan to devote a serious amount of time to this subject, but for now I’ll leave you prospective writers with a few words of wisdom: the two most important qualities you can bring to the table (or the word processor!) are the qualities of patience & fearlessness. Patience because above all, writing is hard work! Fearlessness because it is only with an utter lack of self-consciousness that you will write the stories that touch people’s hearts!

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….


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