The Ronin Diaries #1

I‘m going to start a series of posts dedicated to various literary works that have played a huge role in my early formative process–the first that I’m going to focus on is William Dale Jennings’ timeless masterpiece The Ronin.

This book is possessed of such wry wit, tightly crafted prose and razor-sharp insight into the nature of masculinity and the human condition in general that it makes the reader truly understand the joy of being able to read the written world.

The following is an excerpt from the book where the “hero” of the story, a young Ronin who has been wenching & slashing his way across the fertile countryside of Feudal Japan, finds employment with a Lord who hires him as a samurai in service to his Keep.

This Lord is a lazy, daydreamer of a man, and the most significant aspect of his person is the fact of his lovely, detached wife the Lady of the Palace. Lady’s beauty is known far and wide and she has no shortage of illicit suitors–all of whom she completely rejects–here are her thoughts on the crude young Ronin:

…all others were roused to paeans of praise and erotic reverie by this great big handsome young retainer. All others but one. This was no less a person then the Lady of the Palace who allowed herself a single glance from a great distance and immediately forbade him to enter or approach the vast quarters of the Palace under her dominion. She went so far as to alienate everyone by flatly categorizing him as a dangerous beast which should be slaughtered without a moment’s delay or gelded and put out of the Palace.

  It is understandable that the new samurai should be deeply hurt that anyone could be so utterly right about his character on so little evidence…

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….


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