Tails and Trails ~ Harmony Barron

Last week the kids and I went and spent a few days with our dear friend Carrie, who owns and operates Wind River Bear Institute (WRBI), and like always, I came home more inspired and motivated then ever to get things done! This is the women who placed our Karelian Bear Dog, ‘Vlad’ with us back in 2007. We met through our duel passion for the working dog.

Bear biologist Carrie Hunt has been working with KBD’s for over twenty years now, teaching them and their people how to ‘shepherd’ bears out of populated areas. She breeds one litter of pups a year, and spends countless hours, days, weeks and months finding out exactly what each pup is made of, and then matching him/her with one of the many folks on her KBD waiting list. The pups are broken into three different categories; bear conflict dogs, bear protection dogs, and pet dogs. Besides the breeding, training, working and caring for her dogs, Carrie also works directly with many different organizations whom are acquiring and integrating Beardogs into their programs such as; game wardens, park rangers, biologists, Search & Rescue and many others.

Grants and private investors have been funding her work for many years– except for the past few. With the struggling economy, almost every penny has dried up, forcing Carrie to either close down her business, or start a second one to bring in revenue. Carrie, being the ever motivated, optimistic, hard-working, insightful woman that she is, of course chose a second business. With all of her years of training and caring for dogs, she decided to start up a doggie day care which would also encompass a program where she would board and train dogs with minor to severe behavior problems. With help from her long-time friend and right hand women, Renee Van Camp, Wind River Tails & Trails was born. The two of them built an amazing, unlike any other dog boarding/training facility I have ever seen, complete with heated barns, huge play areas, individual dog pastures, multi-dog pastures, around the clock supervision, extensive human/dog interaction, an amazing staff and even ‘good night’ tuck-ins for every canine on the property.

Carrie does everything first class, and puts great importance on every aspect of what she is doing or building. She expects nothing but the best from everyone around her, and it shows in her amazing accomplishments. WRBI certainly isn’t financially out of the woods yet, but with Carrie’s ingenuity and hard work with Tails & Trails, I have complete confidence that she is on the road to success.

Everyone has folks who inspire them to be their best– and Carrie is definitely one of those people for me. With all of her positive energy, love of life, and dedication in listening to her heart and following her dreams, she truly is one of those people who sticks out in a crowd, and whom I am honored to call a friend. I look forward to her continued love and influence in my children’s lives over the years to come. Thank you Carrie, for a friendship that will last forever– you have made a tremendous impact on the entire Barron family.

WRBI and WRT&T are located just south of Missoula, Montana. You can check out her websites www.beardogs.org and www.windrivertailsandtrails.com and see for yourself what she offers.

Thanks for stopping by folks. More to follow.


2 Responses to “Tails and Trails ~ Harmony Barron”

  1. Livia Llewellyn Reply June 9, 2011 at 17:40

    Wow. I think I’ve just fallen in love with a whole new breed. Those are beautiful dogs.

    • Harmony Barron Reply June 10, 2011 at 07:04

      Aren’t they gorgeous! You wouldn’t know it by watching them work, but they are some of the best kid’s dogs I have ever been around. In Finland, one of their breeding criteria is they must be extremely social with people. And that is definitely the case with Carrie’s line as well. I just love them.

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