I’ve been operating my new business All-in-One Gutter Service for a little over a month now, and things seem to be going pretty smoothly.

My work involves two equally important aspects: 1st, I’m a tradesman providing a much-needed service to the homeowner’s property–a building without raingutters, or gutters that are in working order, is at serious risk for property damage from rain-runoff cracking sidewalks, overloading retainer walls, eroding footers & foundations, and creating dangerous ice-slicks along walkways in the fall/winter/spring. My job ranges from the skilled to the tedious–sometimes I’m running continuous pieces of aluminum gutter out of the machine in order to install on the house, and sometimes I’m on a ladder or directly on the roof  with my sleeves rolled up fishing out mucky handfuls of slimy debris from clogged gutters.

Not very glamorous, compared to some jobs I’ve held, but I don’t work for glamour–I work to provide a much needed service to my community and to make money, and this particular job fits both criteria.

The 2nd aspect of my work is selling the job in the first place–I have an ad in the Yellow Pages from which some of my business has come from, and my mentor in the profession, Helena businessman Michael Hummert, refers a great deal of work my way. Probably the biggest component of this selling aspect is canvasing neighborhoods and knocking on the doors of homes that either do not have gutters installed, or have gutters that are in need of repair/cleaning. So, a lot of initiative & elbow grease–a few hours spent meeting & chatting with homeowners on a Saturday will usually yield 1-2 decent jobs for the following week, and I only anticipate growth (the business being only 1 month old is not even in its “infancy” yet).

I truly enjoy all of the various aspects of my work–I’m outside all day long, I enjoy the manual (but skilled) labor, I like knowing that I’m providing a service that protects folks’ homes & property, and I work for myself….and there is an awesome profit margin.

This business dovetails very neatly with my second career, writing novels/articles, because I get to set my own schedule.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….


2 Responses to “All-in-One”

  1. Tish Cockerham Reply June 2, 2011 at 20:02

    I can’t imagine you not succeeding at anything you venture to try. Talent, knowledge, honesty, perfectionisim and hard working drive are your assets. A perfect combination.

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