The Old Ones

Excerpt from The Book of Ten

‘Then came the Old Ones, the keepers of the stone of All Tongue and the Bearers of the Light. They were Whitemen, too, but different from the ones who had ruined the earth and poisoned the waters and the air—these were very few in number, only a few hundred at most, but they were wise beyond all reckoning. They arrived in the time when my father’s father was yet a babe in swaddling dearskins. They approached the elders of the Crow who were first among the Nations, fluent in our language and many others besides—they called a conclave of all of the members of the Nations, and for the first time in over a hundred years there was a meeting of the tribes.

‘These Old Ones told us that they were from a land far to the south, that their tribe had been alive since the dawn of man and that man himself had been destroyed and reborn over twoscore times before, always in fire, water and ice, and their job for millennia had been to walk among the ruins and find what last vestiges of civilization they could and remake mans’ works once again—for good or ill…

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….


2 Responses to “The Old Ones”

  1. Wanting more but will be patient…know that the wait will be well worth it…

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