Harmony’s Art ~ My new Website ~ by H. Barron

Hi folks, I wanted to let you all know that my new website ‘Harmony’s Art’ has been published. A couple of disclaimers here– I’m sure there are a small pile of misspellings and a tad bit of poor grammar. I’ll be correcting what I find, whenever I come across it. Also, I will be adding a lot more art to the Gallery, Pet Portraits and Greeting Cards pages in the coming weeks. My dog breeds greeting card selection is still a little small, but it’s growing on a daily basis. And of course having your own dog’s portrait on a greeting card is always an option! Oh, and lastly, I have only viewed it on a couple of different browsers so far- if something looks really weird, it’s your browser’s fault, not mine!! (I’m covering all my bets here) I’ve had a lot of fun working on it, and hope y’all enjoy visiting my little home on the web. THANK YOU JASON, for all the help and support you gave me with the publishing part- yikes, it got a little confusing at times 🙂  I hope this link works correctly!  http://www.harmonysart.com/ 

Here’s a little something for all you Siberian lovers out there ~ My latest greeting card.

Thanks for stopping by everybody, I hope y’all have a wonderful evening.


6 Responses to “Harmony’s Art ~ My new Website ~ by H. Barron”

  1. The new site is absolutely wonderful! I like the font; it looks like Papyrus which is one of my favorites. Your layout and colors are pleasing. It’s nice that you can access the various pages either at the top or bottom. The template that frames each of the sections is very unique.

    • Thank you Margie ~ Like I said in my post, I’ll be improving and adding more art to it continually. Glad you like the layout & colors, I thought it was cheerful and meshed well with the pencil art as well.

  2. Tish Cockerham Reply May 18, 2011 at 23:05

    Love the new site Harmony!! Beautifully done.

  3. Beautiful expression on that Sib, Harmony! And the new site is lovely!

  4. Thanks Helen ~ I’m happy you like my Sib, and my site!

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