The ties that bind us

There are several very strong themes that unite my “story” writing ideas–foremost among these themes is that of family.

In my novel Ballad of the Northland, the protagonist The Boy is on an epic quest to be reunited with his long dead mother and brother, both of whom died when he was a lad of four years during a tragic snowmobile accident on the wild Alaskan coast–this quest will either destroy him or make him whole, and all of the forces of the Northland are arrayed against the completion of his goals. It is the uncompromising love for his family lost that drives him relentlessly on to the final confrontation with his strange destiny.

In my forthcoming story Ula’s Miedved, I explore the bond of a father’s love for his daughter–our protagonist in this story is a man named Samson whose pregnant wife was abducted by a gang of psychotic Meth dealers and has vanished from the face of the world. Samson confronts them and is left for dead in a trash midden beneath a freeway overpass. He lives, but his body has been horribly injured and his fevered brain has been addled beyond recovery. He spends the next twelve years wandering the wasteland, his broken mind insisting that his wife and daughter are still alive somewhere just out of his reach…until, one day, he meets little Ula, a girl of the exact same age his own daughter would be…and his mind insists that she is his daughter, that he has finally found her! Ula is a child of exceptional abilities and even more exceptional problems–when Samson first encounters her, she has been apprehended by people who have been pursuing her since the day of her birth, intent on her destruction, and what follows after this meeting will be the literary equivalent of driving a Semi through your brain–a testimony to how far and to what lengths I think a true father would go to protect his beloved child.

Family, and not just blood, is the tie that binds us, and I am always conscious of this when I’m writing.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….


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