Custom Greeting Cards ~ by Harmony Barron

Hi folks! Sorry I haven’t contributed to Jason’s blog in a while– I’ve been working on my new website ‘Harmony’s Art’ which hopefully will be up and running by the middle of next week. I’ll let you all know and supply a link to it when it’s published. My main objective for my site, will be to showcase my new line of ‘Dog Portrait Greeting Cards’, which I’ll produce here from our home, on high quality, 5×7 heavyweight, deckle-edged, eggshell white card stock, with matching envelopes and protected in a clear, resealable sleeve.  The dog portraits will all be done in either graphite or charcoal pencil. I am starting out with the working breeds, (of course!) but will eventually have an extensive library of breeds, plus a few horse portraits as well. Plus, if your breed is not represented, I’ll also be doing custom dog portraits (or any other pet) for individuals. I’ll have a package deal available for folks which will include the original 9×12 drawing of their pet, matted, along with a number of the cards/envelopes. My site will also include my oil & water color pieces, both new and old, and will give details on the pet portraits I do in those mediums. I’m really excited about getting my site out on the web, and connecting with people through their beloved dogs!!

Thanks folks, I hope everybody is having a wonderful spring, it is simply gorgeous up here in the mountains, and the kids couldn’t be happier playing outside in their sandbox, (finally!) I hope you all enjoy a few samples of my work.

More from JB tomorrow…


2 Responses to “Custom Greeting Cards ~ by Harmony Barron”

  1. Marlene Phillips-Daniels Reply May 13, 2011 at 23:11

    Harmony, Can’t wait for the notecards, I love picking up new and different kinds of cards. The first on this post has to be a Newfie, my favorite. Had one wondrful one and a second that was a blockhead, but loveable. Can’t wait for the site.

    • Harmony Barron Reply May 14, 2011 at 15:29

      I thought all Newfies were blockheads! No, just joking- my mom has had a long line of these lovable giants, this one is her current boy ‘Kanook’. I just love them. Glad you’re looking forward to my cards & website, so am I!

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