The Fallen

  Excerpt from the Book of Ten

‘…the people of the Plains Nations were spared this awful fate, for their souls had always remained true and pure. They turned their back on the Whitemen and returned to their old ways, the way of the bow, of the snare, of wide open spaces and swift flowing streams. They became strong, threw down their chains and once again became the people who they had been before the evil Whiteman came and poisoned their hearts.

‘Many years passed, perhaps hundreds. Nobody knows for sure. The laws of nature were not observed, and chaos ruled,’ Father’s words trailed off. He stared at the small box in his hands. He cracked the lid and firelight glinted off of something metallic hidden inside. He snapped it shut and glanced at me. His face was as grave as if it had been carved from stone and his eyes were burdened by a deep sadness. When next he spoke, his words were so soft that I had to strain to hear them properly.

‘There was darkness for many, many years, far too many to count….’

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….


2 Responses to “The Fallen”

  1. These enticing appetizers leave me wanting more. Is it a prophecy? Should we not heed and practice the ways of those before us?

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