The Awesome Power of Mother Nature

Lord, if only I could put this into words and write them down on the paper, those words would live on until the end of all time.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….


7 Responses to “The Awesome Power of Mother Nature”

  1. Completely magnificent photographs–the power in them is mind-boggling
    Do you have a source?

  2. Just couldn’t get these images out of my mind last night-Raging fury of the omnipresent Almighty reaching from the heavens to grasp the corners of the sky in his fists renting it in two electric white hot flames shooting forth

    or the Hammer of Thor madly swinging from the clouds striking the craggy corners of the Earth sparks spinning upward and across the four directions

    These would be great in a class to spark creativity!

    • Whether we’re talking music or imagery, the feeling your describing is exactly the one I search for when writing. Oh, and I’ve found that three (or 5) glasses of a dry red wine helps, too!

  3. Truthfully, one glass of Chateau Grand Traverse Select NV Sweet Harvest Riesling and I’m good to go! 🙂

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