Music to soothe the savage beast

Music is very important to me for writing–especially writing on a novel. Here are three pieces that I draw much inspiration from. Typically, I’ll turn on a video, crank up the volume, and minimize the screen so that I can work while listening.

This is for inspiration–I could listen to Escala on an endless loop. I find that I write much better, and at a higher rate of speed, when listening to this.

This video has to be seen to be believed…this is good for accessing my dark side (brother Laird hooked me up with this one).

I’m in love with Regina (I checked with Harm to make sure that was okay). This video helps me find the sweeter side.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….


4 Responses to “Music to soothe the savage beast”

  1. Interesting that you prefer writing with music in the background. I am a musician, who occasionally is inspired to write ~ but, when I write I prefer silence. Perhaps, because I spend much of my day, practicing, teaching, rehearsing, or performing music… it is a retreat, for me, to turn it off.

    • That makes perfect sense to me, Donna. For me, the music has to be very specific, and also, it serves to drown out the noise of the rest of the house (our house sounds like a very rowdy day care center; hard to write fiction listening to that).

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. Whether writing, or when I was training for or running a race or need to be pushed to clean the house music moves me.

    I was not familiar with Regina but I think I love her music.

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