Summer Work

There is still quite a bit of snow where we live in the mountains of MT–we have as much as six more weeks (I hope!) to wait before we can get our vehicles up our steep driveway to the house–but spring is certainly zooming up on us. Despite mildly freezing temperatures overnight and constant lite snow flurries, the trend seems to be temps ranging from plus 34-40 degrees during the afternoon, and there is a constant river of slushy runoff coursing down our one mile long driveway to where the County stops plowing & we park our rigs.

Things are going very well for the Barron family–Harm is finding more and more work for contracted “pet portraits” (if you’re curious, drop her a line; her rates are very reasonable, and her work is simply out of this world!), and she’s starting to contribute to this daily blog more and more often, to the point where I think I’ve (with all of your support & help) gotten her pretty much talked into being a steady contributor. YAY!!! Hopefully she will be encouraged to post at least 2-3 times per week. Between her work as a mother of two (soon to be three) small children and her artistic endeavors, she stays completely busy around the clock.

Now that summer nears my own work is going to change somewhat–through the winter I’ve pretty much wrote & attended book signings/various presentations, but as the snows thaw I’m going to start branching out to some “lite” construction work. I’ve got tons of work to do on our home to get it ready for sale in the fall, plus I’ve been given the opportunity to be 50/50 partners in a rain gutter installation business based out of Helena MT, which is going to keep me on the road for the better part of the summer. I’ll still keep up with this blog daily–and when I can’t, Harm will pick up the slack–as well as work on my two novels The Book of Ten & Ula’s Miedved, but not with as much energy as I employed before. When I wrote Ballad of the Northland I was able to clear the decks and write 100% full-time, hence the ability to generate an 88,000 word novel in under 5 months–during the construction season, I’ll only be able to devote, maybe, 20% of my time to writing. After the season ends in November I’ll be back at it full-time.

With that said, I’m still deeply committed to releasing the first episode of The Book of Ten (about 30,000 words) as an eBook by mid September, so no need to worry about that! In fact, my mixed up work schedule is the driving reason behind releasing a “short eBook” in the first place.

It’s all good–just staying very productive on a number of fronts.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

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8 Responses to “Summer Work”

  1. What a wonderful, joyous, busy schedule the two of you have! Your home must be bursting with energy. Congratulations on the impending arrival!

    • We always have something cooking, and LOTS of good energy in the house. Plus, my big brother Laird is living with us for a few months, a very accomplished author in his own right, so you can imagine the creative juices!

  2. i wish you the best jason.

  3. best wishes on new book and move this year jason i love getting your blogs its a high light in my day. ev just posted in the musholic group about your new publisher. congrads and ididnt know if ev envited you to the new group but if she didnt i would like to its a bunch of sled dog freinds that got together. take care

  4. congrats on the new arrival you two! that will keep you both busy! looking forward to harmony’s posts and your new books!!

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