Springtime in Montana ~ H. Barron

Jason is visiting a few schools in Roundup, MT today, while the kids and I are enjoying one of Montana’s many crisp spring mornings! Thought you all might enjoy some photos I took around our yard.

Here is the untamed lower region of our property…

No spring babies yet.

A ‘Winter Wonderland’ indeed!

Our winter transportation. When fully loaded, Jason drives the machine with Julian tucked in an Ergo on his back, Oksana sits up front, (she helps drive of course) while I ride the sled filled with all of our supplies. This is the second year we’ve had the snow machine, before that we did it the old fashion way, with dogs.

Thanks for stopping by!


11 Responses to “Springtime in Montana ~ H. Barron”

  1. Beautiful Harmony ~ thank you for sharing a glimpse into your wonderful life.

  2. Beautiful………

  3. Beautiful Harmony ~ thanks for sharing a glimpse of your wonderful life…

  4. You not only have a gift with words but a keen eye for capturing the world around you with photographs.

  5. Off topic Harmony but did you see that Greg Sellentin is looking for an illustrator for the next Mushing Mag? He made an announcement on Facebook.

  6. Beautiful. I especially like the Winter Wonderland one. It looks so mystical, like something out of a fantasy story.

    • Thanks Marcia! That’s my favorite as well. We have so many big trees all around our house, that when the wind blows after a fresh snow, it’s a complete white-out beyond every window pane.

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