Wolf Medicine-by H. Barron

By Harmony Barron–(This event was from last spring, just as the snow was thawing)
I had a post all fired up and ready go for today’s up-date… but then last night, The Stranger entered our lives… In the past ten plus years that we’ve lived back here in our own little wilderness retreat, we’ve had the honor of seeing many beautiful animals, living wild and free in the hills and mountains surrounding our home. At times, I’d ride my arab mare through the three-thousand acre cattle ranch to our North, looking for a stray pair that had evaded the last round-up, and seemingly regard one or more of every creature that lived, grazed or hunted in those back country hills. A true sanctuary, filled with coyotes, fox, black bear, grizzly, elk, moose, white tail & mule deer, sand hill cranes, red tail hawks and countless others, both large and small. And the more reclusive animals we haven’t witnessed first hand, well, their tracks and kills have marked our dog trails for years… But last night was an evening to remember. The dog lot erupted about the time dinner was just getting going, olive oil sizzling in the pan. I looked out the front window and truly thought my eyes were deceiving me. The Lone wolf was standing there, right on our driveway, just feet from our house, with tail tucked, surveying the area. It was amazing to watch, she sniffed our hay stack, acknowledged the horses, then made her way over to the kennels, walked the entire perimeter of the fencing, pausing only to visit with certain dogs. Classic, Pretorian and a few others wanted to play, Zephyr wanted to give her a piece of his mind, while Spud opted to be a little more discrete, pacing in a series of semi-circles with his tail tucked and head to the ground. Dinner burnt to a crisp while we ran from window to window, following her elegance. Oksana, being an avid student of wildlife, was simply awestruck, and spent the rest of the evening high on adrenaline. Our little son, Julian Fenris, named after the legendary wolf of Norse mythos, watched us with idle curiosity, surely wondering what all the excitement was about. The Wolf visited our home for a good forty five minutes before winding her way through the sage brush, and disappearing into the heavy thicket. With the past few weeks being fully immersed in Jason’s up-coming novel, Ballad of the Northland, him writing it and myself hungrily awaiting each new page to read, we felt a special kinship with the wolf. And even if her business here was entirely her own (and maybe a little mischievous ) we thank her for gracing us with her untamed beauty and spirit like presence.
Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….
Images courtesy of H. Barron
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10 Responses to “Wolf Medicine-by H. Barron”

  1. How thrilling! The wolf is my totem. In Native American beliefs, the wolf is the teacher and guardian. Look to her presence as a sign of great learning to come!

  2. Do you wonder if the heart’s desire of the lone wolf is to be invited into the contented fold? A contemplation of giving up the wild in exchange for the daily care your cannines receive? It is kennel curiosity or sled dog envy?

  3. Marlene Phillips-Daniels Reply March 27, 2011 at 21:09

    How very special, Harmony. The wolf, may it long endure despite the hysterical blabbering of those who want to destroy it and never try to understand it.

  4. How fortunate that you were able to share in what can only be described as one of those magical moments that are gifted to us every so often. You have to remind yourself to breath. I have a picture of a wolf hanging in my bedroom that was done by Carl Sams. The eyes follow me everywhere and it is comforting. The pictures are beautiful, fascinating and haunting. Why was this wolf alone? A story to be told?

    • A magical moment indeed, Margie. We have not seen her since that evening, why she payed us that visit, we’ll probably never know.

  5. I really love your writing, Harmony!!! I hope you will consider doing more of it as a guest blogger, perhaps. I like your style much better than your hubby’s. (No offense, Jason!)

    • None taken, Animal Lover–I happen to like my wife’s writing, too. Harm & I like to think we compliment each other, and I assume that since you’re reading my bog in the first place, you probably didn’t mean that as a put down to me personally.

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