We’re Back

My technical difficulties basically amounted to lack of Internet connectivity on a family road trip that Harm, myself & the Little’s embarked upon on the 17th and literally just walked back in the front door of our Montana home.

I apologize for fumbling the ball on the last few days of “middle of the pack” Iditarod coverage–it was my intention to cover that part of the race, and it was a simple case of poor planning that kept me from it. Tomorrow I’ll reward your patience with two stories, and for tonight I’ll leave you with a handful of images that Harm took while we were driving across Washington State.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

Images courtesy of H. Barron
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9 Responses to “We’re Back”

  1. Where in Wa were you?? I live in Wa.

  2. good pics jason mrs harm has a good eye

  3. Lots of trees, not much internet. Sometimes that is a good thing 🙂

  4. Makes me want to take a road trip too. Welcome home.

  5. I enjoyed the pics, Harmony. Interesting variety of perspectives. I’m sure the next stories will be worth the wait. Just like the Iditarod, Jason, not everything goes as planned. Go with the flow!

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