What does it all mean?!?

Following the Iditarod as a fan can be very confusing, so I’m going to do my best to give everybody some “tools” they can use to parse the plethora (if you’ll excuse me for using two big words in a row!) of information coming over the internet.

First off–I highly recommend getting the Iditarod Insider, both packages. You’ve waited all year for this race, and this service will greatly enhance your experience. Second, bookmark the Iditarod leaderboard–in many ways, this is my most valuable resource for tracking the teams as they make their way through the wilderness, and it is very helpful to contrast this leaderboard against the data streaming off the individual musher’s GPS trackers.

Thirdly–keep an eye on the blogosphere (the Iditarod related ones). I’ll try to compile a list and get it to you by tonight or maybe tomorrow morning–in the meantime, if you see anything to do with Eve Gebhardt or Gwen Holdman, snap it up. They both know a staggering amount of stuff about this race, and I love their writing. I’m a lifelong musher (I’ve run nine Iditarod’s, plus tons of 300 & 400 mile races like the John Beargrease in Minnesota) and I’m going to do my best to keep you informed with a “professional dog mushing perspective” at least twice and maybe 3-4 times per day.

And here is a very important tip for “parsing” the info coming at you–it’s a 1000 mile race, and just like the mushers and their dogs, you need to pace yourself. The first couple of days can be very tumultuous & exciting, but it doesn’t really matter who has passed who, or who has a slightly faster speed average, or who has made the first big move of the race–all that matters is who’s dogs are still strong and vigorous, and no amount of data coming off of the internet is going to give you that information.

Remember that somebody can make a huge move, like Melissa Owens did last night, and while it looks great on paper, we have no way of knowing whether their dogs paid a price and are going to tire out earlier then some of their competitors as a consequence. More often than not this is the case.

I’ll be on the road for the rest of the day, but tonight I’ll be live on two back to back radio shows, and I’ll catch up with the competition on tonight’s blog–after today, I’ll be firmly entrenched at my computer for the duration of the race, so check back often!

Also, feel free to shoot me a friend request at http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/iditarodauthor and check out my website www.kanabearenterprises.com to have a look at my new epic dog mushing story Ballad of the Northland

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow…

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15 Responses to “What does it all mean?!?”

  1. travel safe jason catch you tonight

  2. Greg Greenwell Reply March 7, 2011 at 08:02

    Thanks Jason,

    We appreciate the Info and we here in eMpTyland enjoy seeing your races and results when we can.

  3. Heather from MI Reply March 7, 2011 at 11:09

    Loving your blog… one of my new fav resources of Iditarod scoop….

  4. Looking forward to reading your posts. I found this link via Dana Stabenows twitter feed.

  5. hey jason, as always, enjoying your writing, thanks for the insights especialy as a musher from past ( and i hope!) future Irods.

    thanks and have a safe trip tonight.

    be checking back reguarly,

    matt (UK)

  6. damn just missed you jason! can we hear it again somewhere? i know the bssd lot would like to hear it as well, do they have a listen again feature?


  7. thanks jason, so you missing the race? any plans to run it next year?

  8. Thats a shame, have you still got dogs?

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