Calm Before the Storm

There is almost nothing going on right now in the Iditarod, from a fan’s perspective. The drivers themselves are all quite busy with last-minute prep, but for those of us watching from the “sidelines”, this morning constitutes a lull in the action–the good news is that by early this evening there will be a constant stream of moment by moment activity to watch/write about.

Once the mushers are all under way I’ll switch gears and start talking about what they’re facing, geographically speaking, and analyzing what the top drivers are up to.

For now, let me direct your attention to a top mid distance race that is currently in progress called the Can-Am Crown–it’s a 250 mile event in the mountainous timber country of Maine, and one of the toughest races I’ve ever run. There is a young man named Ryan Anderson who is in the lead, looking like he will probably win it–there is still almost 100 miles to go, but he’s in the lead putting in the best times. If he does win it, he will have made mushing history.

Never before has a musher won the Beargrease Marathon, UP200, and Can-Am Crown all in the same year, and it looks like Mr. Anderson will be the first to do so.

Please join me in wishing Ryan Godspeed & good luck! Additionally, check out the Can-Am website–in my mind, this website is one of the top sites all other races should judge their own website’s against in terms of content & functionality.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow…

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5 Responses to “Calm Before the Storm”

  1. tough weather at the can-am, warm with rain today
    i really like the can-am tracking
    copperdog 150 in mich. is also on-going and has a web site
    ryan anderson is really in a zone, any barron dogs in that kennel?

  2. Marlene Phillips-Daniels Reply March 6, 2011 at 11:47

    Jason, unless you have secret contacts along the way in the Iditarod—as a “fan” following from the sidelines your are in line for a rare experience.There’ll be lots of inaccurate info, trackers that don’t work, literally no daily info other than Bruce Lee as he tags along with Greg to cover the front of the pack. For those of us who have grumbled and ground our teeth as we try to follow and support the dogs and mushers, it is our dedication to the sport, our love of the dogs and their drivers that keep us glued to the inadequate ITC coverage. Maybe Will Petersen will do a better job this year, one can always hope.
    I miss being at the start and restart this year. Relying on the Insider, this year, was the worst Iditarod experience I’ve had. Sure was excited to see you and Harm at the restart last year, and was delighted to have a short visit with Harm. We watched you come down Long Lake, as we scooted over there when the restart actually got going.

  3. looks like ryan anderson has scratched from the can-am, as did nathan schroeder, any insights as to why?
    also do you know anything about martin massicotte? he is now the leader and has won this race in the past.

  4. hey jason your wifes name is harm thats cool i once worked with a guy in the gulf of mexico and his wifes name was stormy. her real name was karen but one time my freind pissed her off and when he got back from offshore karen had taken a baseball bat and broke everthing you could possiblty break inside a 80 foot double wide trasiler including the walls,sinks,toliet windows and many more things inside. she was so mad she went outside and in storage was a 69 mustang restored and he said you could put a measure tape any dierection and there was a dent every 20 inches plus broke window glass,head and tail lights. they have been married 25 years they now call her stormy and he has not made her mad since. your wifes name reminded me of that story.

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