The 600 Pound Gorilla

We all know who the 600 pound gorilla in the 2011 Iditarod is, the savage beast who (metaphorically speaking) makes a habit of ripping off the limbs of his enemies and beating them over the heads with the dripping stumps.

His name is Lance Mackey, and he is as much myth as man. His mushing exploits are the stuff of legend. His dogs are howling beasts from the planet Kryptonite, creatures who never seem to tire or to lose their spirit.

He will win the 2011 Iditarod.

Unless someone can stop him.

And make no mistake–Lance is not the only supernaturally focused driver, the only one who wants to win this race, or the only one with a deep, empathic connection with his canine teammates. There are a small handful of drivers who are going to come out of that starting chute on Sunday like an avalanche made of hair, bone, and sinew, boiling out of the last point of civilized departure to hit him with everything they’ve got as they blast their way into the very heart of the Alaskan bush.

What happens out there on the Iditarod trail isn’t just going to be a race–it’s going to be a battle royal between the masters of the toughest, most demanding discipline on the face of our planet, a contest of wills that have no match or equal, that will grind against one another until a victor is finally crowned in the far off gold fields of Nome.

I’ll include a list of the competitors who I think have a chance of unseating Lance in the next post, late this afternoon.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

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6 Responses to “The 600 Pound Gorilla”

  1. Dave Bacoccini Reply March 4, 2011 at 09:57

    records are made to be broken. I always root for the under dog. [ no pun intended ] But appreciate what the champions have done.

  2. wow the 600 pound ape he reminds me of ali when i here him talk this guy does not think he can loose. iam not saying hes as cocky as ali but in some respects hes just like him. before the race every musher out there knows hes won the last four races and by knowing that the ape has a mental advantage.iam sticking with [ the future ] to win and push the ape to the limit. lance is one hell of a man and musher and makes it fun to see what he will do next. hats off to the 600 gorilla

  3. Wow, Jason! You must be taking the same adjective and metaphor enhancing drugs that the narrator for the Iditarod Movies is on. But I have to admit they’re working. Got me wondering who will be on the Team Iditarod super hero list.

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