2011 Junior Iditarod

I grew up racing the Jr. Iditarod during the ’80’s–my older brother Laird & myself used to train for it as seriously as any race I’ve participated in my adult life, and some of my fondest mushing memories stem from those experiences.

My family lived near the turn-around point of the race, Yentna Station, and that is where I first learned to become an outdoorsman, dog musher, and wandering adventurer–the area & those experiences had such a profound effect on me that I dedicated most of my novel Ballad of the Northland to its environs.

It feels very strange to be screaming up on 40 while a whole new crop of young adventurers mush their dog teams through my old trails….

The 2011 edition of the race started yesterday, and as of 3:30 AKST they were headed back for the finish line in Knik. Here are the standings out of Yentna–

1–Conway Seavey out 02/27/2011 03:31:00

2–Merrisa Osmar out 02/27/2011 03:41:00

3–Jeremiah Klejka out  02/27/2011 03:49:00

4–Anitra Winkler out 02/27/2011 04:10:00

5–Kaye Berg out 02/27/2011 04:22:00

6–Jesse Klejka out 02/27/2011 04:25:00

7–Jenny Greger out 02/27/2011 04:26:00

8–Emily Krol out 02/27/2011 04:41:00

9–Shameka Nelson out 02/27/2011 04:49:00

10–Alea Robinson out 02/28/2011 04:53:00

Those are the only teams they’re reporting out of Yentna–I’ll be digging around to find more out times as they become available.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

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3 Responses to “2011 Junior Iditarod”

  1. Thanks for the update Jason.


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