The Great Wind

I have a little secret to tell you; I have a ton of partially completed stories–mostly short stories–kicking around in various drawers, cabinets, and electronic files, and none of them have anything to do with dog mushing!

My Facebook presence and this blog site are really very new (I started the blog on Dec. 18th 2010), and most people I’m connected with know me exclusively through the sport of long distance dog mushing where I’ve been competing in ultra marathon’s, such as the Iditarod up in Alaska, for my entire adult life, and when it comes to my writing, I’ve only shared the stuff that relates to that topic. My blogging efforts have been almost 100% “doggy”, and my just released novel Ballad of the Northland is a Jack London-esque tale of adventure set deep in the interior of Alaska’s bush country where the hero of the story is a young boy who hunts, traps, and mushes sled dogs, and grows up to be–you guessed it–a professional dog musher.

It’s very natural that most people who know me in this “outdoor adventurer” context would expect my writing to deal primarily with these particular aspects of my life, and it is the driving reason behind my choosing Ballad as the first in a lineup of many many novels that I plan to write.

With that said, I’m just now tipping my hand as to some of the subject matter that will be contained between the covers of my future stories, and gently weaning my audience away from the idea that I’m a dog musher who is always going to be writing dog mushing stories–just take a look at Ballad itself; this book stands out from the accepted formula of “professional mushers'” books like a sore thumb (in the sense that it’s an adventure story, as opposed to my memoirs, or a treatise on “how to be a pro Iditarod driver”), and it is the only story of its kind that I plan to write for the foreseeable future.

If you are curious what I’m talking about when I say that I’m “tipping my hand”, just check out yesterday’s post The Book of Ten where I include the preface of my most current effort.

Not to worry, though; for those of you who stop here at this blog (hopefully often!) to scratch your mushing itch, I plan to share my dog mushing thoughts/stories/race coverage on a constant basis–just not in book form!

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….


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