The cat’s out of the bag

Okay, so now the cat’s out of the bag about my other fictional writing pursuits–as opposed to simply sticking to accepted ‘dog mushing themes’–and I want to now take a few moments to explore that statement a bit.

While I personally love fiction, mine will always be firmly grounded in reality, even if at first it might not seem so to the reader. Here are the three guiding principles to my future subjects/themes:

1–Love of family. This is by far the most important aspect of my own life, and this core value will ALWAYS be reflected in my writing. In my novel Ballad of the Northland, the young hero of the story pushes himself to excruciating extremes, both physically & spiritually, to be reunited with his mother. In my upcoming novel Ula’s Miedved, the lead character Samson mistakes the young girl Ula as his missing daughter from 12 years earlier and lays his own life on the line to protect her from all of the powerful forces who would seek to do her harm.

2–A deep and abiding appreciation of Mother Nature and all her bountiful gifts; all of my stories will be interwoven with the rich textures of the environs where their narrative takes place.

3–Moral value. All of my stories will have a firm moral compass pointing the way from beginning to end, and while they will tend to be pretty “hard-bitten” and in some cases a bit fanciful, they will all have something important to say to those who choose to read them.

I grew up loving fiction, and regard it as one of the most expressive art forms man has ever devised, and I make all of you who have either read my stories, or plan to someday, a simple promise:

I will always treat my literature as an art form, and each story I create will be done so with love, honesty, and such intellectual integrity as I can  muster.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

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