Two With One Blow

When I wrote my latest (ahem, by “latest”, I actually mean “first”) adventure novel Ballad of the Northland, I cleared the decks of all other forms of work–and please keep in mind that I’m the father of two very small children, so the decks needed a lot of clearing!–secluded myself in my little office, and wrote for 12 hours per day, seven days a week, until the project was completed.

My goal on any given day was a cool 2000 words, and if I met that goal early, I would use the rest of the day planning the next day’s writing workload. The result was a self published book that clocked in at just under 88,000 words that took five months on the dot to bring to the marketplace. I knew that I only had a brief window of time to get the job done, and I struck as hard as I could to “get it finished”–now that it’s all over, my life is slowly sliding back into a pattern where things are not nearly so simple as just sitting in front of a computer all day every day trying to bring an entire world to life…

With all that said, I am currently writing 2 new novels  concurrently–my plan is to have one of them finished and ready for publication by January 15th 2012.

The first is one that I’ve already teased you all with, the one titled ‘Ula’s Miedved’. The second story is the beginning of a trilogy called ‘The Book of Ten’.

In Ula’s Miedved, we meet Ula, a 12-year-old girl on the run from nebulous forces that have pursued her since the day of her birth–at the outset of the story, these forces have finally caught up with her and taken her into their dark clutches. This is where she (and the audience) meets “Samson”, a homeless, deranged man who has been drifting aimlessly through life since the abduction/disappearance of his pregnant wife 12 years earlier.

Samson has been doggedly searching for his lost wife  these last 12 years (who Federal authorities have assured him was long since deceased) having convinced himself that she and their daughter were still alive somewhere in the world, and when he first sees little Ula, surrounded by what looks like a SWAT team and being dragged from the lobby of a Missoula bus station in abject terror, his fevered brain insists that this girl is the daughter who had been taken from him so many years before.

As it turns out, Samson is the very last man on earth whom you would want to find yourself standing between he and his child, and it is this exact moment that all hell breaks loose….and the story takes off from there.

The Book of Ten is set far in the future of a post-apocalyptic earth where some catastrophe has befallen the world and plunged mankind into a time of darkness and chaos. Here, I tell the story of an aged tyrant (think Genghis Khan) who rebuilds civilization from the blood and ashes; now that his time on the earth is nearly at an end, he feels that the historians have treated him unfairly with their cruel depiction of his decades long rule–in order to build sympathy for his legacy, he has written his autobiography, focusing heavily on the story of his youth when he was separated from his parents by the ravages of war and raised in bondage by a foreign tribe…

Just a brief taste of what I’ve been up to whilst sitting in front of the word processor.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….


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