Xara, how I love thee…

So, I let a friend talk me into trying a new piece of web design software–my knowledge of all things “computer-y” & “internet-y” is very limited, and for the last two years I’d been relying on a pretty hokey suite of website building tools hosted by Networksolutions that yielded a functional (but kind of clunky looking) website–this new piece of software is called Xara Web Design 6.

Though I’m only recently getting into this computer thing, I’ve found it very rewarding & fun, and I dove right into this new program–after almost a week of design work, I’d built an entirely new site that was both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, and was poised to send it up into the limbo that is the internet. It was at this point where I started running into trouble…somewhere between trying to publish my fresh site to my old host server and erase all of the files from the “antiquated” site, I managed to not only fail to upload the new version, I sent the old one to whatever afterlife clunky old websites are assigned to!

Ultimately, I spent some serious hours educating myself, learning esoteric things such as where website index files are actually located (it turns out that it’s not really Limbo as I’d always before assumed) on their host servers, what the difference is between a “_” & a “.” when naming files, etc, etc. After a few more days of hard work–this learning process can best be described as “passing a large air bubble through a very small blood vessel”–I am very proud, and relieved, to say that not only have I successfully designed our shiny new website Kanabearenterprises.com, I’ve finally learned what an FTP Client is!!!

Please, check out the new site & write back here with you comments: after looking at the new site, do you think I deserve an A, B, C, or D for web design?!

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

Images via Xara.com
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3 Responses to “Xara, how I love thee…”

  1. Love the new site! I will have to check out the software. How much was it?


    • Thanks Robert 🙂 I’m not sure exactly–Harm got it for me–but I think it was somewhere around $300-$400; not to bad, but you have to be pretty committed about design if you’re going to spend that kind of dough. Also, it wasn’t Web Design 6, it was Web Design Pro.

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