It’s Awfully Cold Out There

Nathan has run a beautiful race to this point, but he now seems to be running out of gas–as of the latest times, Ryan Anderson is  running the faster team, picking up almost 40 minutes on Nathan from the run down-bound Sawbill to Finland.

This seems sensible to me–as amazing as Nathan’s run has been so far, I felt that he was burning up too much “fuel” in the early stages, and that Ryan was doing a better job managing his resources while also keeping Nathan “within range”. What we’re seeing now in the final hours of the race is Nathan falling off while Ryan puts on a surge–I predict that those two will be knocking their heads together all night long on the way to the mandatory six-hour break at Two Harbors.

Ryan knows that he not only needs to catch Nathan before reaching TH, but he also needs to get in front of him and create a separation going on to that mandatory rest–the more the better–assuring that his rival has to sit on the straw for a few minutes watching him make the final push to the finish line in Duluth after they both take their “six”.

Nathan knows that it is absolutely critical that he not allow Ryan to get in front of him–every time he sees Ryan’s headlamp tonight, he’s going to step on the gas and “call the dogs up” (which is probably why Ryan will be running with his light off in ‘stealth’ mode).

Either way it turns out, and just for the record, my money is on Ryan, us fans are in for a hotly contested race to the finish line!

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

Image courtesy of H. Barron

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