The race unfolds….

No big surprises so far–the front-runners into the (not quite ) half-way point of Trail Center, Nathan leading the pack with Ryan Anderson quietly shadowing. Rick Larson is running about how I would expect–very methodically, keeping those two within “sight” for the return trip to Duluth. With that said, I find the fact that he is already down to 11 dogs a bit troubling–it would seem to indicate some early race injuries that don’t seem to be troubling Schroeder & Anderson.

Very interesting about Jamie Nelson–she’s in a good “numerical” position getting into Trail Center, and still with all of her dogs, but she took 2-3 hours less rest then the front-runners, so she is obviously getting whaled on for overall speed.

Personally, I think that anyone who’s taken less than approx 10 hours of rest to get to TC is way “under-rested”, and will all fade in the home stretch–the only three drivers who’ve taken this amount of rest (while keeping at what I consider the “perfect” speed)  are Larson, Anderson, and Schroeder.

We’ll just have to wait & see how many dogs everyone leaves TC with–the only way that those of us watching on the internet can forecast their “strength”. It’s about 65 tough miles back to Devil’s Track Lake…the race really starts tonight.

I will say that I think Ryan is doing it just right–he’s right where he needs to be “time-wise”, but I think he’s burned less juice then Nathan to this point…

I’ll be up in the wee hours posting again, so keep your eye out for the next report.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

Images courtesy of H. Barron

2 Responses to “The race unfolds….”

  1. Thanks for the insight. Jamie Nelson is in fake first and way under on her rest. But I wouldn’t count her out. She has won the Beargrease more than anyone and back when they went not only into Beaver Bay but I believe Grand Portage too. I have heard she thinks there less mandatory rest.

    • I’m certainly not counting her out–the way the field is shaping up, I have her figured as practically “locked” into the top 5–I gave her a copy of my book at the starting line, and she’s clearly in a big hurry to get back to the finish line & start reading!!!

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